August Breakfast Sponsor: Simons Physical Therapy

Simons Physical Therapy

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Do you experience headaches How about migraines? Dizziness or vertigo?

We can help!

Offering specialized services for migraines, headaches, chronic pain, dizziness and vertigo, including specialized testing, biofeedback, comprehensive education, exercise training (including therapeutic yoga), mind-body medicine, manual therapy and more!  Talk to your healthcare provider about a referral… and let your doctor know we are happy to provide them with education on these services if desired.

Simons Physical Therapy provides one-on-one personalized care. We demonstrate compassion while empowering our patients to facilitate their healing.

8703 E. Golf Links Rd.
TucsonAZ 85730
(520) 514-1114

Any Chamber member is eligible to become a breakfast sponsor.

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